Circular Voyage

A cinematic device that represents the experiences of Chinese expatriate artists coming from China to New York. Circular Voyage represents the experience of Chinese artists immigrating from China to New York and back again, 1985 to the present. Circular Voyage is a mixed media installation that utilizes an expanded cinematic device to explore how the concept of national identity evolved throughout their lives and experiences. This installation is 5ft x 5ft, exhibited on May/25/2014 at Parsons

ROLE: Interactive Design, Installation, Animation, Prototyping


The project grew from interviews with these artists on their self exile to New York in the 1980s and 90s, to seek freedom and greater creative inspiration and possibility. The harsh reality of supporting their families in the U.S. sent the artists full-circle, to return to China with new blended, global ideas of self.

Game Prototype

Freedom comes with a price is a game that is designed to give hope to people and for them to understand the community of Chinese artists who took a risk leaving their homeland and chasing their dreams in search for their artistic freedom.

The Viewfinder

As I evolve through ideation and forms, I pushed to another prototype called “Perspective” inspired by the idea of a “Viewmaster”. I prototyped a paperboard version with a light mechanism attached at the other end of the Viewmaster. The audiences are able to look into the Viewmaster and reveal the panels with the storyboards attached. This form comes from the idea of how we are able to step back and objectively look at their experiences and life, the idea of moving forward and back in time through a tunnel of light.

Final Installation

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to my mentors Melanie Crean and Zach Lieberman for guiding me through this process. This was taken during our final MFA thesis Installation. The installation was glowing in front of us. 🙂

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