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When I started working for the creative agency Kworq, part of my mission was to develop a new brand identity. Our main focus was to present to clients how important we took process, storytelling, structure and to show how dedicated Kworq is to meticulously craft every piece. This concept was also implemented into their website and presentations.

ROLE: Branding, Web Design, Development, Animation



A simple, clean, minimal mockup of the website that ties the process together.

Promotional Video

We also came up with the idea of creating a promotional video that wraps up the brand and the story behind it all.


It was an honor to be interviewed by Tracy Chin from Agency Addicts. A blogger that has worked for agencies big and small, with a variety of specialties from creative/branding to data driven marketing. Agency Addicts was created to celebrate the romance of agency life, as well as its stresses, all the while weaving in elements of home and weekend festivities. Check out our interview with her below!

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