bloom with art

This is a kit designed for the educational system for both teachers and students. Allowing kids to abstractly and freely create stop-motion pieces with assigned activities and readings.

ROLE: Interactive Design, User testing, Prototyping


 ­­­­I was interested in the educational system and ways of engaging students from grade 3 to 5 with new ways of having fun with learning. When I was 6 and English as a second language, the worst thing I had to face was reading from a textbook. Something about a text book and not having visuals drove me away from the regular academic readings.

stop motion

The system allows the kids to learn, to be organized, how to storyboard, collaborate, work as teams and it gives them a chance to be openly creative. It is that rare resource that broadens kids’ interests.  It challenges, motivates, and stimulates kids to deepen their engagement with reading, writing, and art. It is an inspiration to generations of children.

Be Creative!

This is a great way for students to evaluate others and being able articulate not only their creative works but also others as well. This system includes a checklist that contains the following topics: Art production, art aesthetics, goals and art criticism. This will be an easy way just to stay in check with the final results. Reading and writing should be fun and exciting for our new bloomers! This system is a great opportunity to let their creative minds go free with learning.


I had a great time working with these kids. They enjoyed working on the projects and really looked forward to seeing the end result. This is a working prototype and is still being developed. But for now, lets see some of their hard work!

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